Sharayah Sherry

I will never forget the first time I took a photograph.  I was four years old, sitting outside on a warm summer day with my beautiful mother.  She had one of those plastic point and shoot film cameras you could only find in the 90's.  This piece of equipment was large in my tiny little hands.  I knew from the moment my mother passed it over to me, telling me to be gentle with it, that I would one day become a professional photographer.

I hope you know I'm kidding.  No way in my wildest dreams could I have imaged where I would be at today.  I took the camera from my mother's hand, told her to smile, and shot the most beautiful photo of her. 

Weeks later, when we received the film back, my mother showed me the picture.  With much anticipation, I looked at it with much pride.  The only problem, which is a minor detail when it comes to photography, was.... well... I cut her head off.  But non the less, I was proud of my work.

I graduated from Boise State University with my Creative Writing BFA, a minor in Communication, and a certificate in Film Studies.  I am a self taught photographer and videographer.  I spend almost all of my time behind a camera or photoshop.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.